What is SaskAlert?

SaskAlert is Saskatchewan’s Emergency Public Alerting program which will be used to alert the public in real-time, of an emergency situation. This website is designed to provide detailed emergency alert information that will enable residents and those travelling in the province to take actions to protect themselves when an emergency is occurring or about to occur.  For more information on the SaskAlert program, please visit www.saskatchewan.ca/saskalert


For questions or additional information on an active alert, please use the contact information outlined in the instructions field of the detailed alert. Click anywhere on actual alert to get more detail.


Level 1 Broadcast Immediate Alert  

** A situation where life and safety are under immediate threat and time is critical.

No Active Alerts


Level 2 Emergent Event Alert

** A situation that can affect decisions that people make as it pertains to daily life and individual safety.

No Active Alerts


For web inquiries, please email infosafety@gov.sk.ca.

Government of Saskatchewan
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